What I DID:

I created everything you see below from scratch. The design work is completely my own. I worked with the founder of the school to take his intricate spiritual principles and translate them into a brand identity that was simple enough for modern yogi's to connect to it.





The New Seed School is a modern school of yoga, meditation and happiness. They create destination retreats and teachers trainings all over the world including India, Bali, Italy, California, and Costa Rica. The school's founding principal is that spiritual content cannot be learned from theories or religion. It's very nature is improving experience, and thus can only be experienced through one's own eyes. Once a seeker learns how to directly experience reality, this becomes the last teacher they will ever need.




STRATEGY and Branding:

The brand was first conceived over lunchtime tea in Dharamsala, India, where conversation shifted seamlessly between business and life. The vision was both concise and daunting; to connect with the modern customer without compromising a single degree of the school's intricate principals. The school's inspiring spiritual leader, who spent his entire childhood in a strict Indian monastery, shared his wishes for running the organization in the reflection of the unity he saw in all things. He wished not even to make a distinction between teachers and students as even this is a form of disunity. I set out to create a brand that in execution accurately represents the content of these teachings. 

From the outset, we decided to avoid identification with any spiritual tradition, and even limit references to Yoga as this draws people away from a true understanding of experience. The guiding mantra, "Transformation is Within," is relatable to anyone. It takes on two meanings -- Literally, that we help people transform their lives, and second, the fundamental tenant of eastern philosophy that everything originates from within the mind.

I am generally impartial to logo's with minimalist icons. However, it acts as a differentiator from traditional yoga schools. The icon takes on characteristics of both a leaf and a tree, creating an visual effect that challenges the viewer to look beyond simple black and white identifications. The icon rests on equality, another core principal of the school.

The visual aesthetic communicates precision, in order to prepare students for the trainings which require unwavering attention and discipline. The brand does this in a way that also feels accessible and trustworthy.



























Web & digital Strategy:

The website is the most essential component of consumer education and will be viewed by students all over the world. It conveys a sense of craft and comfort as customers will use it to make high-involvement purchases. 







advertising strategy & Out of Home:

The brand becomes more potent when experiencing the advertising and out-of-home executions. Our decision not to identify with an existing spiritual tradition created a marketing problem, as our initial customers would likely use their existing spiritual practice as a connection point. We needed a way to connect these audiences without identifying with them. I solved that by creating a flexible visual system which inserts various words behind the "is within" tagline. It is a sales funnel that, when experienced, unites all beliefs and traditions under the common goal of personal transformation.

The visual system can be used for almost anything, we used it to connect with followers within existing sub-cultures and spiritual teachers such as Kristna Murti, Buddha, Osho, Jesus and others.







Extending the core strategy:

The strategy lends itself particularly well to Facebook, where marketing can be hyper-personalized. One of the major challenges in the retreat industry is filling spots in various destination in a timely manner, and Facebook promoted posts are a perfect way to solve this. I created individual promoted posts that can target certain interests, such as Yoga lovers, or readers of Osho books, where we will send them directly into our website.