I conceptualized and designed a new web experience for Manduka to sell their new line of LiveOn recyclable yoga mats. I conducted user research to decide on the most important selling points, and integrated them into the designs.



Manduka is a market leader in high-quality yoga mats and yoga apparel located in Los Angeles, CA. They make the most durable, non-stick yoga mats in the world.



In our research, we found the most important selling point to their customers was grip quality. We wanted to make sure this was well communicated across all their product lines.

Manduka asked us to create a long-form sale template that could be applied to all their products. In the process, we uncovered an important marketing issue. The low price point of their new LiveOn sustainable mat was creating a perception of it being a cheap alternative. This was not actually the case, as the mat and grip quality was equal if not better than their other products. We suggested they raise the price to position it as a sustainable & design friendly improvement, rather than a discount option.



We developed a cleaner interface that better communicated the key selling points of their mats. This allowed them to increase sales by selling directly to customers through the website.