I creative directed and lead the design on the project. I took the marketing strategy and translated it into a compelling visual brand that connects with their target audience.


ABOUT THE Business:

Lucky Day offers ridiculous last minute travel deals for popular tourist activities & tours via their mobile app. They are located in Venice, California.




Our research showed that 60% of travel adventures were booked day-of or last minute, but that price and savings was not a big factor. LuckyDay's competitors were all positioned as "Last Minute Deal" sites. We realized there was an opportunity to make a product that better aligned with customer's interests.

We focused the product on things that do matter to them-- spontaneity and making the most of their trips. Our strategy was to position it as a pocket travel guide that travelers could use to book activities instantly and on-the-go. 

Combined with stimulating visual design, the LuckyDay app would transcend their competitors and make a deeper connection with travelers.



The logo type is an abstraction of a sunrise that clues into the start of an amazing day. We used bright colors, lots of white space, and bright imagery to help bring viewers into a very dynamic app that would stimulate them to want to book activities based on presentation alone.