What I Did:

I conceptualized and created everything you see below. I spent months designing the website and app and writing the marketing copy to make it clear and compelling to the target audience.





The Health Project helps you reach optimal human health. It's an easy-to-use audio program you can plug into anytime to brush up on your health knowledge. As you use it, it re-wires your brain to think like the healthiest people on earth. It teaches you the most up-to-date health practices and how to apply them simply. You can listen to the easy-to-follow audio program when you're driving to work, at home doing the dishes, or out on your morning walk. 



Branding & Design:

With so much misinformation in the health industry, I wanted to position The Health Project as straightforward and fundamental. The underline on the H draws from the hospital icon, which evokes trust and security. I was very conscious to use mostly a black & white base palette, which would differentiate the company amongst the competitors. The target for the company is millennials, and I felt the minimal & playful style would speak to the generation who hold minimalist brands in high regard.


Marketing Strategy & copy:

I spent many weeks writing copy to make the product clear and compelling. We wanted to position it as something incredibly simple to use, that could be consumed passively. I decided to use the angle of describing it as "re-wiring your brain," which was both unique in the market and compelling to users.